Los Cabos

Weather & Info

Los Cabos weather is determined primarily by its tropical latitude and the effects of the surrounding ocean on local weather patterns. Weather is mild, sunny and dry most of the year; hot and sometimes stormy in the summer.

Daytime high temperatures are usually in the 70's F. Nights range in the 50's and 60's. Midwinter nights can sometimes drop into the 40's and, rarely, even into the 30's. Los Cabos is hot in the summer. From June through September, most days are in the 90's, sometimes topping 110 degrees inland, but seldom over 100 near the ocean. Ocean water temperatures can rise above 90 degrees. Nights are increasingly warm and humid towards midsummer.

Summer is the "rainy" season. August and September (hurricane season) are the rainiest months, although they combine for less than three inches on average. Humidity hangs in the 70's.

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